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Module One: Why should we engage Fathers?

Module One: Why should we engage Fathers?
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Module One: Why should we engage Fathers?

How to use this learning Module

1. Open the link to Module One – you will need access to YouTube as this is a YouTube clip.

2. Watch Module One from beginning to end before taking notes.

3. Watch Module One a second time and take notes of specific information that is relevant to your service/ program / practices.

4. Work through the specified workplace activity outlined at the end of Module One.

5. Discuss with your manager / team the benefits of working through the Father Inclusive Practice Online Training Program.

Look and apply what you have learnt to your own situation and see how you can improve your engagement with Fathers.

1. Look up the Fatherhood Institute Website:

2. Read 2 or 3 practice areas that are relevant to your service

3. Have each staff member research a practice area that is relevant to their current practice / programs

4. Present researched topics at your next Team Meeting for discussion

Additional support for this Module is available from Family Worker Training + Development Programme at

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