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Module Four: Meeting the Specific needs of Fathers.

Module Four: Meeting the Specific needs of Fathers.
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Module Four: Meeting the Specific needs of Fathers.

Work through the instructions below for module four:

Open the link to Module Four – you will need access to YouTube as this is a YouTube clip.

Watch Module Four from beginning to end before taking notes.

Watch Module Four a second time and take notes of specific information that is relevant to your service/ program / practices.

Work through the specified workplace activity outlined at the end of Module One

Discuss with your manager / team the benefits of working through the Father Inclusive Practice Online Training Program

Look and apply what you have learnt in module four to your own situation and see how you can improve your engagement with Fathers.

 In this activity we will be looking at feedback from fathers.

1.  At your next team meeting reflect on how your programs and organisation gathers feedback from fathers.

2. Look at how effective the current style of gathering information from fathers.

3. Using the information and skills outlined in Modules 1-4 and discuss alternative methods of gathering information from fathers.

4. Design an action plan for your program and organisation on how to be more father inclusive.

 Additional support for this Module is available from Family Worker Training + Development Programme at

CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully completed Module Four – the last module in this series. Please click here to return to the main page and complete the Evaluation Process

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