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FWT+DP receive funding for a number of projects. Listed below are the projects we are currently running:

  1. ACYFS  Aboriginal Children, Youth and Family Services.
    This is a learning and development project to deliver training to Aboriginal workers in Western Sydney, for workers who are working with families and children 0 -8years.
  2. Community Builders Family Worker Training
    The Community Builders Funding Program is a community strengthening and capacity building program to enhance  the capacity of Early Intervention & Placement Prevention (EIPP) workers who provide appropriately targeted child, youth and family support services to reduce the likelihood of children and young people entering or remaining in the child protection and out-of-home care systems
  3. FNSW Families NSW
    Families NSW is the NSW Government’s overarching strategy to enhance the health and wellbeing of children up to 8 years and their families. The FNSW Learning & Development Project aim is to enhance  the capacity of workers, services and networks to support families in children’s early years (0‐8)
  4. Triple P Support and Development Project to support Triple P Practitioners in Western Sydney
  5. Communities for Children – Aboriginal Cross-Cultural Capacity Building Project


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